Time Saving Ice Tea Method

It's Iced Tea Season...I Love simplicity of basic tools to help save time and money.

 What Are The Best Time Saving Moves for Making Ice Tea?


Definitely choosing the right amount of vessels to give you the needed heated water quantities is a good start.  If the water temperatures needed varies take that into consideration before beginning also.


Okay so you have your pots of water or your kettles on and now you need to get the containers set up for brewing.  I love Ball Mason Jars for this task.  The Wide Mouth Quart Jar holds 32 ounces and is just right for two large glasses and it can travel with you if needed.

There are tea strainers that fit the top of these jars perfect making the process almost effortless.

The Jars store nicely into the door of the refrigerator or sit on the shelf well.  You can store the tea for a few days making it really simple for a rushed morning or just to free up that morning time for another project.  I always feel grateful knowing that I can grab my tea right out of the fridge on a warm summer morning. 

Please watch this video for more details on how to use Mason Jars for your brewing needs.

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