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The Steeping Cup, Issue #003
January 17, 2017
Here's whats Brewing

What will the future World of Tea bring to us?

The Steeping Cup Volume 3 January 2017

It depends on which world you delve into… Tea is like many things in life personalized to fit our perspective. But the big picture of Tea is definitely changing and although it may have miles to go before it reaches the connoisseur stages that wine has in all of the classifications of premium, ultra premium and artisan qualities along with the importance of appreciation of the cultural, historical, environmental and economical elements…The Tea train has left the station for that journey. The future of the Tea experience will include more raw details (as in raw product and details of that product), and sensory involved experience on the whole in the not so far off future.

With sommelier schools in operation right now in the US, Canada and Internationally it won’t be long until this more cultured awakening takes us beyond the tea bag and milk and sugar. No doubt there are many Tea tables now where pairings of Tea and food are being suggested by the server.

Taking a look at some of the newest Tea Trends for 2017:


Right now functional tea is already changing in the way tea is used in cocktails within clubs and restaurants’. Some Tea processes are becoming more popular like the not so new Kombucha Tea fermentation process. Many small batch artisan companies are popping up offering Kombucha. There are many companies offering their various bottled flavor combinations in stores and establishments as well. But what about Tea (not fermented) being cold brewed and nitro charged?


Yes there are some trendy cafés beginning to experiment with this kegging process. They are taking cold brewed Tea and kegging it and then charging it up with Nitrogen. It apparently gives a somewhat temporary but enjoyable creamy frothy full mouth sensation that I for one would like to experience.


Perhaps not a brand new trend…but one that is definitely bringing more people into the Tea appreciation experience. Matcha is probably the most added tea supplement added to smoothies and juice blends. Second on that list might be Moringa (herbal powder) from the Moringa tree or drumstick tree…for its super nutrient rich content …a True Super Food.


Many of us have already tried a piece of Green Tea Cake or Candy infused with Green Tea. Adding Green Tea to cook rice will give it a grassier taste as well as bring some astringency to the process. Black Tea is being used in dishes as well, like lapsang souchong being used to cook beans, lending it’s smokiness to them. Tea and chocolate also go well together, both green and black varieties and since both have those wonderful antioxidants to benefit from why not …if you are going to eat the chocolate anyway? There will be lots of good Tea experiences to enjoy in 2017…I can’t wait to get started on checking out the newest Tea Shops locally.

On the Global front, production of tea has more than doubled in the last 20 years. It is easy to forget that as a country we in the US have such a small portion of the Tea drinking per Capita. But who knows what kind of growth we are capable of, when each and every year our numbers increase? (I think that is my Irish DNA talking aye?). The top 5 for Tea drinking per Capita are listed below…The US comes somewhere around number 70 on the hit list. Somewhere between 3-6 cups of Tea are drunk daily to reach those totals.

1. Turkey 6.961 # 2. Ireland 4.831 # 3. United Kingdom 4.281 # 4. Russia 3.051 # 5. Morocco 2.682 #

The first 4 on this list are known for the consumption of Black and Red Tea, the 5th Morocco with mint tea includes green tea leaves instead of black. Any way you steep it …that is a lot of leaves per year. ~

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