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The Steeping Cup, Issue #002
December 19, 2016
Here's whats Brewing

The Steeping Cup Volume 2 December 2016

Can drinking Tea keep you healthy through the Holidays?

One of the things that Tea does for us is helps us to stay hydrated. Did you ever wonder why many people gain weight in the colder winter months? Sure some of it has to do with more time inside (closer to that fridge) and less activity…but for many of us it also has to do with not drinking enough fluids. Did you ever drink a glass of water when you feel hungry and suddenly you find that hunger has lessened some? Yes we get confused on what our body needs… craves…and since it's not hot out we lose track of the fact that we need fluids….lots of fluids actually.

You may have heard that caffeine drinks do not count in the hydration equation. Not entirely true…lower caffeine levels of Tea as compared to coffee, make it relatively easy to benefit from taking in your favorite cuppa. Add to that some “Teas” actually have no caffeine as in herbal choices, like Dandelion Root (good for our liver) …or Ginger Teas, which can help to warm us and sooth tummies …so many possibilities abound in the herbal realm. Herbal Teas like Dandelion are very rich in potassium which we lose a little of when we take in liquids that have a diuretic action. Dandelion is the perfect nature’s answer for a diuretic action it actually puts back more potassium in the body. It’s good to remember that the human body is comprised of 80-90% water.

~Hydration Benefits~

1. When we are sufficiently hydrated it is easier for the kidneys to get rid of harmful toxic waste. The fluids that nourish every cell in our bodies help all transportation in the body and may eliminate garden variety constipation as well.

2. Brain health is dependent on hydration too… The Brain is 80% water,just slight dehydration can lower cognitive function by as much as 30%, bring on fatigue and reduce our ability to focus and concentrate. short term memory can be greatly reduced when hydration levels drop.

3. Skin contains about 30% water and can appear plump and moist or almost depleted …carved out and dry. Drinking more fluids may not be a miracle facelift product but it for certain can affect the health and functioning of our body’s largest organ…The Skin.

4. In general since all of our cells and organs rely on proper transportation of fluids there can be a breakdown or significant disruption of proper functioning when the fluid levels get to the dehydration mark. It’s a matter of cellular importance that we don’t give too much thought to.

The Holiday season typically begins a time when colds and flu become more prevalent. Keeping ourselves hydrated is one step in the right direction so the body doesn’t get taxed and lower overall functioning. We need our immune system humming and hydration plays a key role. Drinking teas containing Elderberry and Astragalus can also be helpful. Another way to feed the immune system is by taking in adaptogenic herbs on a more regular basis…making the terrain stronger to avoid the cold and flu season hit. Herbs like Reishi Mushroom and Ashwagandha are in this class. Of course avoiding the sugary treats that are so common at parties and Holiday events will also help our immune system stay strong.

Did you know that just adding some cinnamon to your tea will give it a little sweetness without the added sugar? Of course there are natural options for a purely sweet taste too… stevia is one such option.

Try adding a cup of herbal tea daily to your Tea intake through the winter just as additional hydration assurance.

You might just feel energized.

Wishing you Much Joy in the Coming New Year!

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