It's in the Bag

Individual size or Bag for a Pot O' Tea some like it Neat.

  Some folks will always reach for the leaves that have been seamlessly and politely put into a sac of pure taste sensation convenience and tote-ability. 90% or better in fact of Tea sales in the US are in Tea Bags.  Do those Bags deliver the same quality as the whole leaf variety loose Teas?  The answer depends on variables in manufacturing but in general that answer is a resounding No.  Still there will always be those occasions even if you swear by the loose leaf methods that the Bag will come in handy.  Let's face it you can not always whip out your tea tools to brew up the perfect cup or pot O'Tea... Unless you put those leaves in the bag ahead of time.  Today it's easy to get your hands on Tea Bags of different sizes to suit your needs.  Larger sacs are available for whole pot brews or you can get individual bags to tie up or seal for just  your own cuppa.  What the manufacturing process delivers after processing the whole leaves is a dust and powder pile after the whole leaf cutting and handling. These powdery residues are what is often used for the prepackaged tea bag manufacturing site. Obviously this produces and inferior taste and quality of tea.  The whole leaf still has its integrity and delivers a full bodied taste and composition of health benefits.  So if we need to use the bag we may want to start filling it ourselves.  

What you should know about the bag method: Many bags offered on the market are treated or bleached paper leaving a chemical residue that is not the best choice for protecting our health.  Still other bags are merged with poly materials resulting in plastic fiber in our cup...Yuck...why would we go to the trouble of getting BPA free cups just to get this in our tea bags.  The best option is to get unbleached cotton, or at least unbleached natural paper bags for our brewing needs.  If you see Oxygen bleached this is an acceptable process, which does not leave potentially harmful chemicals behind......Or maybe its time to start considering the whole leaf whenever possible... 

There will always be a list of manufacturers that have my trust when it comes to buying the tea already in the bag. Generally these companies are the same ones that offer organic teas.  I wouldn't go as far as to say that all companies that offer organic teas offer the best bag options...that part is worth checking out for yourself if you plan on consuming their tea regularly. There are new processes being employed by responsible companies.  The Tea bag is going through a growing period to improve its delivery of what the leaves have to offer us.  The typical paper bag is tight in its makeup and does not give the best flow to release those properties.  The mesh or sometimes referred to as silk bag was created to give little blocks of open space for those leaves to release through.  The problem with that creation is that many that were produced had poly fibers or (plastic) membranes, which have potentially carcinogenic enhancing results to leave in our cup and bodies.  As this evolution with the Tea bag continues, conscious Tea companies are creating better plant based tea bags without the chemical mess.

Whether we rely on a manufacturer or we supply the bag is worth our time to insure we have a natural and healthy choice to deliver what those leaves intended~


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