Tea Review

The Tea Blend:  “Tumeric Healing Blend Tea”

The Company: Sanctuary Exotic Tea

I was impressed right away with the careful thought that seems to have been a major part of this harmonizing Organic Tea blend.  So often it seems that the media comes out with a single herb and then touts how good it is for you and well you know the rest of that story…but what is often lost in the forest is the power and strength of formulary with herbs.  When you achieve the right combination of herbs there is a synergy and transformative power that is greater than the original within each herb, like a drum circle where each drum adds to the vibrancy and tone of the group. 

Taste:  If you have experienced the taste of Tumeric then you already know there is no disguising its spicy, pungent and slightly sweet personality. Actually one of the reasons that I do not particularly like Tumeric by itself is that it tends to have a drying effect and my stomach has a sensitivity to that if repeated day after day…believe me I have tried it!  But here in formulary that effect is removed.  The sweetness that is inherent in this formula takes the turmeric tea experience to a whole new level. Instead of picking up the overly dry astringent mouth feel silkiness takes its place. This is in large part due to the addition of what in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is called “The Peace Maker” AKA Licorice Root. 


 The Individual Herbs:

All of The individual Herbs in this Blend are Organic!

Tumeric:*  We all have heard so many good things about Tumeric and 5000 years of use in Ayurvedic Medicine and Indian cooking tells you this is one important herb.  It is anti-everything…Anti-oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-fungal, Anti-Microbial and Anti-Thrombotic (inhibits blood clotting)* Among many other benefits. 

Ginger:* Tumeric and Ginger are in the same family, are both rhizomes and have many of the same qualitites. Ginger in its dry form has some actions that are different from its fresh form, It is more warming in its dry form and aids: circulation, digestion, gas, relieves pain (analgesic), Arthritis, Sciatica, Lumbago, Upset stomach and so much more. 

Orange Peel:  This is another widely used ingredient in TCM formulas, known for its ability to enhance absorption (this herb takes the place of what has been widely advertised as a Tumeric companion; Black Pepper to assist in absorption).  Orange Peel is Anti-Inflammatory, Moves stagnant Qi (energy), Increases digestion, absorption and elimination, is useful in leaky gut syndrome and it has a pleasant taste. 

Lemongrass:  What a wonderful taste sensation this herb gives to the mix. It also has Anti-Fungal and Anti-Microbial actions.  It is used in many Detoxification formulas and boost immunity, has cholesterol lowering, analgesic and relaxing qualitites. 

Licorice Root:* This herb is an adaptogen, which helps the body adapt to stress…(who doesn’t need a little of that in their life?)  This herb is also Anti-Inflammatory, is used widely in formulas for allergies, lung problems, ulcer healing, adrenal strengthening, sore throat soother and as stated above is a harmonizer in formulas , it has a overall reputation to normalize and stabilize many conditions.  


This Tea Blend is certainly full of Healing qualities and was well thought out for both the healing potential and taste sensation. It is a good example of the art of herbal formulary. 

The company behind the formulation is equally impressive in their quest to keep giving back through their successes in the Tea business. If you would like to get to know the company better you can check them out online https://stea.co


 The rating of this Tea can be nothing short of 5 Star *****

The actions of this formula is so wide ranging it would be beneficial for Athletes, Healthy folks looking to stay that way all the way down the scale to infirmed and those with chronic health issues.  Arthritis, Cholesterol issues, leaky gut, insomnia and so many other imbalances could be benefitted by this formula…Well Done Sanctuary Tea!


Whether you put this formula together yourself or obtain it from Sanctuary Tea, you can’t go wrong for healing potential and great taste in a formula….Salud!


Herbs marked with the *asterisk have blood thinning potential and anyone taking blood thinning drugs should consult with their physician prior to consumption

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