Tea Review~ Moroccan Mint~ Trend Tea

A long time ago I decided that I liked mint…it seemed to alleviate a heavy feeling in the head and or body.  Perhaps that is due to its volatile oils which seem to give it a rising ability in its action.  Looking to the distinct flavor and the more down to earth feel of Moroccan Mint you’ll quickly find that it is not just any mint you come across.  It  has a taste of spearmint…  not as sharp as peppermint. Perhaps the green tea adds  to the earthiness, but in any case the right mint is what it is all about when it comes to this signature Tea. 

This Review is based on a packaged Tea blend from Trend Tea in Boca Raton, FL.

Trend Tea is located inside of the Wyndham Hotel at 1950 Glades Road in Boca Raton.

You can purchase tea and eats there and enjoy or take some of the blends home to try.

~Organic Moroccan Mint Tea~ 

Trend Tea in Boca Raton Florida

This blend brought me back to the time I visited Morocco…They definitely got the right mint.  (mentha spicata) Spearmint .  The distinctive flavor that this mint brings to the tea is unmistakable.  It in deed makes the Tea experience authentic in its flavor.

Morocco is one of the few countries that has green tea as its base for the culturally significant Tea.  The Tea as in many cultures is offered for many different occasions and situations.  The way in which it is made has several steps to follow and even a distinct way of pouring into the small glass vessels served in. 


The classic Moroccan Mint Tea served in the traditional way will have some sugar in the mix.  If you prefer to keep sugar out of the tea you drink… then a Tea like the one being reviewed here may be for you. 

I like the no sugar option and the quick infusion method.  I follow the temperature guidelines for green tea and steep for 3 minutes.  Once time has been reached I strain and pour into the cup. I like the tea as is no sugar or just the slightest amount of honey.  

My favorite way to drink this tea is bottled after steeped and chilled. This is a perfect pick me up tea in the afternoon after lunch…light airy and just the right amount of re-charge to the batteries. 

I give the Tea a 5 star rating

4 stars for organic and great fresh taste plus 1 more star since it actually resonates with my remembrance of the Tea’s taste in Morocco. Perhaps the most comfortable part of this tea experience is that I do not have to go through several steps to get this crisp clean Moroccon Mint taste ….It is just steep strain and pour.


Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy this tea…but here in Florida we drink it year round… I recently tried it as a mint Mojito by adding a little lime juice a lime wedge and a sprig of mint to the glass…very refreshing drink in deed.


 Thanks Trend Tea for bringing this into my Tea Cabinet. ~Trishy Tea~

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