Why is Drinking Tea so Healthy

Wisdom From Tea

Surely you jest?... Actually Not at all.  Have you ever heard the saying "Tea is liquid Wisdom?

There was a time when Tea was reserved for royalty and wise elders. But that's not whats really at the bottom of the wisdom cup.  Today we know more about the science behind why tea makes us feel so good.  Tea helps us in fact to stay sharp and focused.

 Teascope's Focus is on Tea Life

What types of Teas are trending, tastiest, healthiest?  What Tools make it easiest to live the tea life?  How do our tea choices affect our health and that of others? Which Tea kettles perform the best?...These are the questions Teascope looks to answer.

Tea is the second most consumed drink next to Water.

The types of tea are numerous and that in itself reflects the art of tea since these types are derived from the same plant genus "Camellia Sinensis"  Of course there are other plants used to make what we refer to as Tea.  Herbs of all types as well as fruit skins and berries can be used in our quest to creatively quench our thirst. It is easy to fall in Love with Tea and the process of creating new ways to enjoy it. 

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